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African Pastors'Conferences (APC)

APC is a ministry supporting African pastors in various countries within Africa by arranging conferences. Last year APC ran over 40 conferences ranging from 1-day to 3-days. Each delegate is given four free books and an opportunity to buy further books at as greatly reduced rate. This is made possible by the generosity of publishers in the UK and USA.

Phil acts as the treasurer for the UK end of the work and is in charge for ordering the shipping the books. For a video presentation of the work by Pastor Conrad Mbewe of Zambia see here:

Tentmaker Publications

Tentmaker Publications began in the early 90s when Phil was a missionary in the Republic of Ireland. It was set up initially with the aim of enabling an Irish national to part-support themselves in ministry. When he left Ireland in 1996 to take up the pastorate here in the Potteries, attempts were made to pass it on to someone in Ireland but without success. When Hartshill Bible Church began in 2000 it was developed in order to enable the church to support Phil. In addition, income from the business has enabled the church to channel more money into missions than would otherwise have been possible and has funded the missionary trips to Burma and Albania.

Tentmaker Publications has two strands: firstly, books published under the imprint of Tentmaker Publications; and secondly, contracts for other individuals, churches and publishers. The full range of Tentmaker titles can be found on www.tentmaker.org.uk.


Two members of the church are involved in work in India. Judy Kitching visits each year and assists in orphanages and schools work whilst Christian Morrow is part of a medical team which operates once a year.

The Burma Fund

Our involvement in  Myanmar (Burma) began in 2007 when Phil  was invited to speak at the annual conference of the Evangelical Free Church Myanmar (EFCM) in Kalay Myo, Burma. This invitation came through a Chin student studying in Wales. At the conference, he and co-elder, Kevin Bettany, were asked to partner the church in their work by making known the needs of the denomination and visiting to teach and preach.

This first visit in February 2007 was followed up in the September by a visit, this time just to Yangon, the capital, where Phil and his son, Alastair, spoke at Bible schools and local churches.

In May 2008, the country was struck by the cyclone Nargis which devastated the delta region and severely damaged properties in the Yangon area. An immediate appeal was launched and Phil was able to make a visit to Yangon within 12 days of the cyclone striking and distribute much needed finance to a number of Christian groups, including EFCM.

A fourth visit took place in February 2009, this time to both Yangon and Kalay where Phil and Kevin again addressed the annual conference of the denomination.

In 2012 Phil and Kevin were again invited to attend the annual conference in Kalay and spoke at churches in Yangon.

The Fund set up following the Nargis cyclone has continued to channel money to the church in Burma. The needs vary from disaster relief (not only the cyclone but the subsequent famine in Chin state and more recently floods affecting many areas) to on-going needs of very poor Christians. EFCM as a denomination has 180 congregations and numerous smaller house groups. They are blessed with fine men in the ministry and others being trained, but severe poverty limits their ability to do what is needed. By channelling funds through the denomination money is allocated where the need is greatest, though we have also designated some to specific needs such as Bible school training and humanitarian relief. All money received by the Fund has gone directly to believers in Burma. No money has been taken for administrative or travel costs.

The last visit made to Burma by Phil was in 2014 when he visited colleges in Yangon. On account of declining health, he has no plan for a future trip and consequently we are closing the fund from the end of March 2016. It is not possible to adequately administer funds without regular visits. We retain an interest in Burma and will happily put donors in touch directly with worthy causes in that needy land. The situation has changed markedly in recent months and it is now far easier for individuals and churches to transfer funds directly to ministries in the country.

Orphange in Kalay
Children in remains of home after storm
House destroyed by storm
Tentmaker stand at
Christian Booksellers Convention
Presenting laptop to Bible college lecturer